As simply it can be pronunced “LIFE”,  its difficult to walk the path when you do not know where will it end. The journey is not easy, it has all sorts of ups and downs but still Life goes on as we have to live each day. We wake up at every sunrise and sleep when sunsets likewise every trouble which comes has to be passed because next morning sun is waiting for us. Its difficult but not impossible. Everything has its right solution when right time comes than why to lose patience and do wrong things at the wrong time. Time will come when you know what exactly you have to do and will find that one right solution. Then there might be time when you may get lost from the path but dont worry  from these twists and turns just do what your conscience says and you will come back on the path and go on cause thats Life. This journey has no end until you dont wake up to next morning sunrise. Till then enjoy every phase of your Life because thats what you call is Living your LIFE.