Teach them to live like they taught you…..

Its said God cannot be everywhere that is why he has given us parents. There are some unfortunate who do not parents but they should remember that they are special cause God is taking care of them. But others who have parents have taken them for granted just because they love you and take care of you. This gives you no right to leave them alone when they need you the most. They have given you this life, taught you to speak, walk and made you capable enough to make your own decisions. How can you put them out of your life when they have only give you this life. You agree or not but you owe your life to your parents. They have sacrifised and compromised entire life to fulfill your needs. And you cant take care of them when they get old. How can you be so selfish. Just think what if your own child does same thing with you. Parents love you unconditional so should you. Just because your friend or any other influential person told you something you cant take decision based on that. Your parents have raised you and tried their best to give you everything. So stop listening to pathetic people who advises you to leave your parents. Instead tell them not to give free advise because its very precious.. Anyways…Whatever be the circumstances if you have parents besides your side you will be able to fight it and come out of it. Nothing can be compared with the love our parents give us. Nothing in the world can replace it. So in their old days teach them to live like they taught you from the begining….