Sacrifise and compromise – Girls life #2

She dreams about her prince that one day he will come on a white horse and take her with him forever. But in reality thats not what happens. There comes many guys in her life but still she waits for her prince. Her parents chooses one prince for whom they think is perfect match for her. Does she think the same as her parents. No! But her opinion is not even asked. She has to marry to that prince..Later as days pass she thinks she was correct he is not her prince. But now she cant do anything. She starts compromising and sacrifising cause she thinks that will make her life good. So she leaves her job cause her husband said to. She starts wearing clothes he likes , she cooks food according to her in laws and in evrything she starts compromising. She forgets about herself…what she likes and dislikes and she just does everything according to her better half. Is he actually her better half?? If so than why everytime she has to compromise and sacrifise . Even she is human and treat her like one. She is married to you does not mean that she is your slave. You do not own her. She also has her own indivisuality so treat her like your princess cause she is one who left everything and is staying with you….