She is Life Giver and Maker!!


The person who has given us birth has all the right on our life. She can take all the decisions for us. We can share everything with her. Beacuse she is the only person in the world so knows best for you. There are many people who advice you many things but that may not be for your good. But whatever mommy says its always the best advice for us. Okay! Try this – whenever you feeling sad or low and in a situation that you cant make decision just go to your mom and tell her everything she will solve your problem in split of a second. Also if you cant share your problem with her just put your head on her lap n relax. I am sure you will not only feel better also you will get your problem solved. Thats mummy’s magic.
In life as you go ahead on your journey keep your mom with you. She will be your guide, philosopher, mentor, best friend and she will love you from her bottom heart till the end. She will care for you no matter what even when she is angry. Like my mom if i wake up late in mornings she gets very angry but as I rush and leave house she will always ask me to sit and have breakfast and will give me goodbye kiss and will wait for me until I return. Mothers are like that only howmuch ever we fight or she scolds me but she never stops caring for me. She has become my best friend. Everything I share with her like about my office or about my problems or boys. Like a best friend she will listen make fun of it and then give good advice and help me everytime. Its rightly said Mother is gift from god to everyone of us. I do not know what would I do she would not have been there in my life. She is the life giver and she is only life maker. Howmuch ever I write about her is not enough. She is our universe.
I request all of you to take care of her and pamper her whenever you can and do as much you can do for her because we cant match what she has done for us but can do our lil bit.

Keep smiling.