The Diary of an Abandoned Girl Ep 1 & 2


Today 2-6-1977 I turned 16 and this was the day from which my miseries started.
In India a girl means a waste and particularly at this time like 1977 female infanticide was much common it was great that I am still alive thanks to my parents to accept me at the time of my birth.
It would be so good if the time had stopped when i was just 15.
Why do i had to turn 16. This birthday was not only my birthday but also my anniversary(can u imagine at the age of 16 I am getting married) at this age children do not even pass out 10th grade what a shame.
My marriage was fixed a way back so its 9am in the morning I woke up and i see guests around dressed like it was someones wedding i was shocked whose wedding it can be i was not aware that its me who is going to be married to an unknown man 3times my age in around less than 12 hours i would be married to an unknown man.

EPISODE 2-The Marriage

At 2pm my dad came to my room asking me to get ready for the marriage. He wanted me to wear the wedding dress and come down for the wedding.
I was like what is going on , I was not even aware about it and it was all going so fast that i was not at all ready for it. I somehow tried and saw my to be husband and I could not believe my eyes that he was my dad’s age and I decided that I cant take him as my husband.
At that time I planned to run away from home and start my own new life with a new background in new city and with a new me.


Next to come-The Great Escape-Episode 3 stay tuned