Fun with Balloon and creating amazing dessert


This is something I wated to try and I did tastes amazing and its fun making it.
For this you will first need to wash 1 medium size balloon and blow it wid air.
Other ingredientz are:
1 cup  Chocolate pieces
1 cup White Chocolate pieces
1 scoop Vanilla Ice cream
1 cup fresh cream
1 cup fresh Strawberries

1. Melt both the chocolate in oven for 30 secs to 1min or melt it on double boiler and pour it in large tray
2. Then take the blown balloon and dip it on both the chocolate one by one and create a layer of it over balloon.
3. Now let is set in fridge for 15-20mins.  The chocolate covering should become hard. If it is hard then just prick the balloon and chocolate shell is ready.
4. For filling put 1 layer of fresh strawberry pieces on bottom than on that put ice cream and cover it up with fresh cream and again put few strawberry pieces on top and pour the remaining melted chocolate over it and complete it.
Your dessert is ready in not much time and is made with all the fun. Hope you enjoy it.
More recipes coming on its way.