My life My M♡M

It was evenung time and i was sleeping. Mom told me she is going grocery shopping. After sometime i also went out to meet friends and hangout. I returned back home after two hours i am ringing bell but nobody opens the door. I cal up mom but she does not receive any of my calls. 10 -20 -30 still no answer from mom. I am wondering what would have happend. I am asking my neighbours my security guard but nobody knows anything. I call up grocery store and they tell me she has left an hour back. I didnt have house keys and i wait outside. Its been an hour and Now I panic more. No! Please No! I am praying to God it should not be what i think. Accident! Kidnap! No! No! I dont want to think more . She will be alright I know. Then after another 20mins she recieved my call. I heard her hello and laughing voice. What a sigh of relief i got i cant even put it in words. In that very moment i realized my world would have stopped if anything happens to her. She is the heartbeat of my heart. Then i scolded her where the hell she had been and why didnt she pick any of my calls. Then she told me to calm down and told she was talking to one of her old friend whom she bumped into and as phone was on silent she didnt see my calls. Later within 2mins she was home. All good and first thing i did was to hug her. My life my mom!!