The diary of abandoned girl Ep 3 – Great Escape

I  was in my room and thinking of how to get out and i saw the window and planned to get out from there but the whole house was guarded. I had no option left. But then came idea in my mind. I packed my bag and threw the rope to get down but instead of going down i went up the terrace and hid there giving false idea to my family that i ran away from window. Later within 15mins they came in my room and saw the rope and started search for me everywhere out. N i was home only on terrace which they didnt think of to check. Entire day went off and they were searching for me everywhere from bus stops to railway station. But at the end they got tired and came back home. I was waiting for right time to leave after eberybody had dinner and slept. It was past midnight everybody was fast asleep even the guards so i come out easily. And went on railway station waiting for the train….

Stay tuned for next episode – the train adventure