Delightful sin #2 Choco moussee jar

Hello everyone! After healthy recipes there should be one cheat too right! This is the recipe you all we love . There can ve variations done if you do not like chocolate you can use any of your fruit too like strawberry instead. Keep Eating! Enjoy!


1 cup fresh cream
2tbps agar agar powder
1/2 cup chocolate pieces
1 oreo biscuit
1 marie biscuit
2-3 strawberries

1. Mix agar agar in half cup of water and keep aside
2. Melt the chocolate in oven for 30secs
3. Start beating the cream untill it do not become little stiff.
4. After beating add melted chocolate beat again for a min and than add agar agar and mix it well.
5. Leave it aside for 15-20mins to set.
6. Now crush the biscuits. Take a nice glass or jar and create the bottom layer of that biscuits and keep it fridge for 5mins until it settles.
7. Take the glass out from fridge but some fresh strawberries on it and than pour the mousse on it and again garnish it with strawberry piece.
Your Choco mousse jar is ready. Have blast and enjoy!

Stay tuned for more recipes. Like if you want more such recipes.
Thank you.