Life should have little romance! Ep#1

Dear Diary,

Okay! Okay! I admit i like a guy. He is too handsome and too cute and Those butterflies in stomach. I hope you understand. Whats happening to me. Oh god! Tomorrow is rose day in college will he give me any rose? If than which color? Should i send him any rose? Does he like me too..ughhh..i do not know what to do..and the Day arrives.. its break time and till now i just recieved roses from my friends.. and there is no sign of him anywhere. I had asked a common friend and he told me he has come to college but I did not see him anywhere. Than where is he? I had planned to atleast just wish him for the day ( and yeah without a rose). I look all around through cafeteria and i find him sitting in corner with many girls around as i knew in back of my mind. I went to approach him and he was starring me until i reached and i just asked him out of anger whether will he drive with me home back or no. And he told that as usual he will drive with me back and i just stomped away. We stay just 2 blocks away so he always drives with me back from college.
Freak! What did i just do! I didnt even wish him. Forget it and i go back to attend my boring classes.

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