Life should have little romance Ep#2

Dear diary,

Today was usual day! It was chocolate day and to tell somebody what we feel about them and we can send annoymously chocolate with a card. Last night i had thought i will not go to college but because I was in management committee I had to go. Day went as usual and it has break time. I was eating my lunch with friends and i could see him again surrounded by all the girls. I was in conversation with my best friend deciding what to do tommorow and what to wear red black or white and somebody  comes and taps on my shoulders and i turn around to see him and he was the messenger and gave me a small basket full of chocolates. I thank the guy and start looking over for any message. Every year i do not know who sends me these chocolates and do not even write name or any message. Again even this year also no message no name. How will i know who send these to me. But anyways i am very happy whoever has sent knows that chocolates are my weakness. After college we both are driving back home and he asks me again you got the basket this year but is there any name of this anonymous or is it you who gifted it yourself and starts teasing me. I get very annoyed at him but than he asks me for tomorrow what are the plans. I tell him what we all friends were planning for the party and stuff. And he remained silent for 10 secs and asked me to go with him to the party! But later on he said just as friends cause he do not want to go out with those chessy girls and spoil his night. As we are good friends and as it is i was gonna go alone so i said yes! Somwhere deep inside i was dancing and jumping that he was gonna go with me this year to the party. I wasnt expecting cause i thought because of his bad breakup he will not come to the party. But now he is and with me! Oh god! What should i wear ? What makeup? What should i do? Yayayaya…I am soo happy can this day be better than this…cant wait for tommorw!

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