The Diary of an abandoned girl Ep 4

I was walking towards station and it suddenly started raining. At this time of season it never rains but now a days anything can happen. I fully wet and i went to ticket counteer to buy ticket. But when the person asked for where to go suddenly i realized i do not have any place to go! Where will i go ? But i had to. I asked him which train will come now he said train to Mumbai will come in next half and hour. So i decided to get in that train before anybody catch hold of me. I bought the tickets and went on platform. It was fully empty just few people sleeping on floor. And only one light bulb burning and was pitch dark. I sat on the bench waiting for the train. Few moments later i hear some footsteps. Oh shit! Did anybody come to take me back? I got afraid and thought to hide somewhere but there was no such place. The footsteps come more close and i could see a shadow of a  man . Oh god! It seems like my father. What do i do now. And that man come closer enough on light so that i could see his face. Thank god ! It was some guy young and cute too! He had backpack and was wearing hoodie. I than sat there waiting for the train. He was standing there taking support of the pole. It started raining more heavily. I was already wet and was feeling cold. That guy went off. Okay! Now i am all alone again. Few mins later he came back with 2 cups of tea. He came besides me and offered me one. We have been told not take take anything edible from strangers but i felt secured on thus lonely platform with him. I took the cup. Then there came an announcement that train is running late by 20mins cause of weather conditions. I took a sip of tea and asked the guy his name….he told me something but i couldnt hear cause of train honking ..and the train arrived…

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