Life should have little romance Ep 3

Dear diary,

It was valentines day and was best day with him. In college it was usual like every year. He did not come to college. He did not tell me why but i guess because of his breakup. And there were couples all around the corrider during breaks. I went with professor to help for more extra credits. And the day got over but the excitement just begun. The time was coming closer. I was getting ready in my room. I choose a short dress which will show all my curves unlike usual which i wear like loose baggy pants and top everywhere i go. But today was special. Then i started doing my makeup with smoky glitter eyes which will highlight by torquoise eyes and matt red lips with little blush on. I took a stole and wore my red glittery jimmy choo. I heard the bell ring and my mom called for me and hurriedly took my clutch and went downstairs. And there he was in black tux with shiny shoe and cute little cuffling and a bouqet of roses in his hand which i didnt even expect for him to get. I told bye to my parents and we left. He opened his car door for me like an gentlemen. I always knew he was nice guy but i dnt know he was so gentleman. Anyways we reached the party and as we entered there was a red carpet and photo session going on. I went to greet all my other friends and he came over and pulled me towards him and took me to the booth for pictures and slowly came towards me and told in my ear that tonight i have to be on his side every single moment. I got little lost and confused. Why is he behaving like this. What did i do? Did i do something wrong? He did not even say anything of how i am looking. And the party begins…

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