Life should have little romance Ep 4

I was with him the whole party. He acted as if i was his gf and not just friend. I was pissed at him but at the same time i was enjoying his company and the way he was introducing me. I am sure now he likes me. But why doent he say something to me. All these years i have waited for him to come forward and propose to me. And yes he did not yet compliment or said anything if how i was looking. Okay! I might not be looking good for him to compliment but all other guys in the party had said something or other things and i got few proposals unexpectedly. It was midnight and party was still on as i had curfew i had to go back home. He came to drop me. We were quite all the way in the car nor he spoke anything neither i did. I went upstairs in my room and as i shut my door i see his text to open the door of balacony. He came up from there in my room. I got very curious. Like this he did come into my room when we were kids not in this long time he came like this. Now why ? I was patiently waiting and he came. I asked him what happen why did he come like this. He just told me to shhh!! Then he came closer to me and told me how beautiful i looked today. Like a princess. And my eyes how it was beautiful. He came more closer. He told me entire night thats why he asked me stay with him to protect me. I asked him why? Cause i wasnt his gf or anything and he told me just for our friendships sake. Oh god! What is this guy made up off..Why doesnt he understand what i feel about him. Anyways the question was still same why did he come in my room like that. He told me he didnt want to stay alone that night cause of his depression because of his ex-gf and everybody else were busy partying so he came here. I changed into my pyjamas and gave him one and we were sitting on the floor undecidedly of what to do. Than i just played a movie and we were silently just watching it  it was almost 3 and movie got over. Now was sleeping time. I was very sleepy and tired too but he wasnt and wanted to talk. We sat on bed and he started telling his breakup story what the girl did and stuff. And on serious note in that moment i wasnt even listening anything i was just shaking my head and trying to calm him. And then i do not remmember. Next thing i know is i woke up in my bed alone! Oh shitt+ where did he go? Did he leave cause i did not listen to him? Shit ! What did do..

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