Healthy Spinach soup

Spinach is very good for health. It solves many health problems if had everyday. It is also good for skin. As Popoyee the sailor use to have spinach and become strong you can too! Heres the recipe

250gms spinach
2 cups water
1tbps salt (according to taste)
1tsp pepper
1tsp sugar
1tsp chilli flakes
1tsp Mix herbs powder
Parsley for garnishing

1.Firstly wash the spinach and then put in a pressure cooker with water and let it cook until 3-4 whistles. You can also put it to boil for 10-15mins.
2. Then once spinach is cooked blend it and strain it.
3. Take it in a saucepan and cook more add all other ingredients to it and stir.
4. You can add vegetables like capsicum to the soup if you want otherwise your soup is ready. Healthy and tasty.

Tip- you can add 1tbsp cornflour to make it thick. Also you can add fresh cream to it.

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