The Diary of abandoned girl Ep5

I had boarded the train and had got window seat. And he was sitting besides me. After few mins i again asked him what was his name as first time i couldnt hear properly. He told me Parsh. Okay! I do not know why but i immediately asked whats the meaning. He told me its name of one of the God of his religion. Okay! Name was cute though! Then he asked my name and we started talking. He suggested me to change clothes but as me and my bag was full wet i didnt have any clothes to change in. So he pulled out his pyjama and tshirt and gave me. First i was reluctant but he told me journey was long and requested also so i couldnt say no. I changed and came and he had bought us meal already and was waiting for me. We both ate silently. Somebody in the compartment was playing guitar. Outside the window it was pitch dark with just lamp posts liten up. I do not knw when but i had fallen asleep and woke up on his shoulders and his on mine. There was more 20mins for our station to come. Even Parsh was getting down at Mumbai only. And his story was somewhat like me to run away and only difference was he was getting money to marry which his family needed cause they were in crisis.
Because my slight moment even he woke up and gave me a cute smile. He looked so cute in that very morning. I do not think i will ever forget him in my life. He has his own dreams and i had mine so we parted our ways from that platform. But its a small world you never know when and how we will meet again and we would definately meet again i was sure of that one thing.

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