Want to reduce weight! Want to get healthy – Heres the trick!

Hello i have seen now a days everyone has joined the race to loose weight and become lean. So i thaught why not share my secret with you all. My point is when you loose weight you loose it forever for a healthy lifestyle. Obesity leads to many problems. But how you loose weight is also important. Its not just exercise you loose weight nor its just by controlling your diet. Its by both the things. A proper balance is needed because if you just control your diet my things like vitamins and all except fat will get reduced and you will suffer from health problem. And also only exercising is also not that good cause when you loose weight through it when you stop exercising you wil once again gain that much of weight. So it should be balanced of both the things a proper diet and everyday exercise. For living healthy lifestly exercising everyday is a must everyday you should atleast exercise for 30mins. Yes not more. If your work is very physical and you exercise over there than you should try doing yoga when at home. It will give you piece of mind. Also in diet you have to control. No oily food as its not good for health cause of cholestrol. So lessen all oily food and slowly erase it from your diet. No cheesy no buttery food! Too much is always dangerous. Cheese is good for proteins for vegeterians so in alimit like half a slice a day is okay but not more than that. Also eating that in right time is important. Like you eat it when you know that in next half and hour you are going to do some physical activity. Main important thing about diet is to eat in proportion of your closed palm. When you close your palm thats the size our heart is. So our body doesnt need more food than that much. I am not saying in whole day you eat just that little. That proportion you eat in every 2 hours. Yes! In every 2 hours. But you have to stop eating full meal which you have all in once like lunch and dinner stuff. Instead break it up and make small proportions of it and have it in every 2 hours. And you have to be careful of timings. You should have it 2 hours only 10mins late will do but not much later. And do not skip any if you not hungry than eat very less but do eat. I know you must be thinking i have gone crazy. Asking you all to eat instead of crash diet. But thats what you all do wrong things. I would say crash diet and all is a crime you commit for your body. Do not just starve yourselves out. Follow my 3 simple rules and you would definately loose weight. Also exercising is a must. Do not forget to forget to exercise everyday along with this diet for early results. Everyday 2 times morning and evening 30mins. Do cardio or walk or jog. But whatever you do , do it properly. Also do not eat desserts or sweet after the meal. You can eat it as your whole meal in small portion. Also i would say best time to eat it would be in mornings becayse that is that time your system is very powerful and sweet you eat would get converted to energy rather than fat. So now quickly what you have to do is cut down your meal proportion and make it the size of your closed palm and eat in every 2 hours. Drink lots water. And exercise daily. Also make a point to eat within 10mins when you wake up. Any 1 fruit will do. Like banana. This will help you to solve your acidity problems even if you do not have i would recommend you to eat it. Also before you go for workout eat and go. Do not workout empty stomach.

These were few simple tips you follow and loose weight. Initially there would be gain do not worry by that. You will feel like that but in actual you reduce your weight. And follow this always to be lean forever and for healthy lifestyle. I do so should you!

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Healthy living ! Happy life!!