Life should have little romance #Ep5

Deary Diary,

I had left him 20missed calls and 10 texts and he did not reply yet. I do not know what went wrong. Everything last night was good. But i think because i slept i messed it all up. I was late for college so i freshened up and went there thinking i will meet him there and talk. But after reaching there i didnt find him anywhere and the college went over and i git paniced that what went that much wrong that he didnt come college nor did he talk to me neither replying my texts and calls. I decided to walk to home and i was walking and thinking about him. Then there was a tap from behind. And it was him!!! He looked so casual and a simple smile on face. And greeted me hello beautifull. And i was stunned to see him soo calm. I asked him where was he the entire day and why didnt he recieve my calls or reply and was he angry with me and why didnt he talk to me after last night. I had asked him everything all in one breathe and he was patiently listening to me. Then he asked me to calm down and said that for him last night was wonderfull and because it had got late he didnt wake me up and just left. And later he had gone out with his friends the whole day and had forgetten his phone at home cause of which he couldnt reply and he was not at all angry of me sleeping at night. Instead he thanked me to be there for him like a real true friend unlike others who are just name sake friends. Then he came along me and we were walking and talking. Cold breeze were blowing and suddenly my skirt flew little up cause of it and he grabbed me towards him and helped me. I saw his eyes. It was brownish black and amazing. I was lost in it. Then a little jerk and i came back and got embarassed and i chuckled. He didnt say anything but smiled at me. Oh! Does this mean he likes me. I think yes. Then why dont he ask me or tell me anything. When he thanked me he called me his friend. So may be he thinks of me as just a friend. I reached home and said goodbye and went in. After half and hour he texted me hi …..and its 4am i am still chatting to him! I do not know why but i feel tommorow something will happen. Lets see! Gud nite ! Opps! Gud mrng!!!