Life with Cousins

In world India is the country where all generations live togather. Like Great grandfather and his son and his son and his son and so on. Thats what is called joint family. Its the Indian tradition. Yeah! You can call it that way. Because in that era they didnt even know meaning of nuclear family. They thaught thats the only way to spent life with near and dear ones. Nuclear families are ones which lives, earns and does everything independtly apart from rest of the family members. We all know because of modernization now nuclear families are growing cause of need to earn money and have good lifestyle and living. But on the other hand the values which were given by forefathers are still alive in minds of youths. What this generation is doing of throwing their parents out of their house and other things like that , the next generation would not do the same. They understand more the value of their grandparents then their parents cause they got those values from their grandparents. And living with love and peace all togather like a big happy family is a rare scene now. But give it a thaught. Why?? Have you ever wondered with whom you grew up and spent your childhood with and suddenly what happened that everything changed and now who once was you best friend you dont talk to him at all… Be it your siblling or cousin the question is same. Think! Think! Cant remmeber. I will help you. In the process of growing up and maturity you went far off from that person with whom you were most comfortable with. And now you are different and they are different. Then you meet them in some social gathering or party and just say hi. Do you all know thats not the fun part of having cousins. I will tell what is to leave with cousins and enjoy life. They are togather with us in all are ups and down. They help and have fun and party. Everything…I will take you through the journey and tell you how you can bond with your near and dear ones again and fill up that empty space in your life.
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