The Diary of abandoned girl #Ep6

Mumbai! City of dreams. Finally!! I did not know anybody  in this city. I didnt know what to do. Then suddenly i remmbered that one of my friends cousin was married with a guy here and is living here. I searched for her number and called her. I dialed the number and through the phone it spoke it was invalid number and does not exist now. What will i do now! I have to atleast find place to stay and then think what to do next. I didnt have enough money for hotel because if i would stay there then how will i pay for my expenses till i find something my living.
I walked out of station and was walking slowly, thinking what to do, whom to call and i saw on opposite road working womens hostel. But i didnt have any job too. But i thaught to give it a try. I went there and spoke to warden and she was ready to give me a bed on condition that within a week i should get a job and submit the offer letter to them. I signed there conditions and she showed me the room and gave me keys. I unpacked my bag and went outside to see the hostel. My room neighbours and other ladies introduced themselves and said they will try where they work for vacancy and will refer me. I hope i get the job in a weak. I had dinner and later went out with my new and first friend in Mumbai Renu. She is smart , intelligent girl. She is an engineer and works here in a good company and strange thing is she earns soo good that she can live on her own but stays in hostel cause she has made here a small family and dont want to leave them and stay alone. She told me it was her friends birthday tommorow and wanted to buy cake but it was too late and all shop had closed down. I knew how to make cake so i offered her if i could bake for her. She said on one condition that is i will have to take money for it. I was reluctant before but then i said okay! Then after going back to the hostel Renu showed me the kitchen and i started making the cake. We bought all the ingredients and stuff while coming back. And then i baked the cake and was icing it and while that an idea came acroos my mind that why dont i start my own baking business on side along with the job……..

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