Life should have a Little romancE #Ep6

It was morning ! And i was late! Not just late. But super late. My half day of college is gone now i will attend tomorrow. I check my phone and what i see is 20 missed calls of him. I called him back. He answered in first ring itself. He told me he knew i wouldnt be able to get up early for college thats why he had called to wake me but it seems when i am sleepy these calls make no difference and was laughing. I told him it was nothing like that and as phone was on silent i missed the calls and didnt wake up. Later he asked me for lunch. He also didnt go to college because i had missed cause of him chatting with me. Thats why he was feeling guilty and wanted to make it up by lunch. I said okay! And then i showerred and got ready soon. I wore short vintage colored dress and little heels with it. Normally during college i dont dress up but when its with i automatically become so fashion conscious. And he came to pick me ans we went. He booked us a table already and there he behaved as a true gentlemen. I do not know when and how from two little kids who used to play and make of each other are now sitting and having lunch in a very sofesticated manner. He also complimented me and told should wear such clothes often and even to college. I said i am not comfortable wearing such clothes in college as i cant concentrate and then usual boy came out him and he started teasing me nerd and stuff. Just casually i asked him “Is this our first date” he was silent for moment then said technically Yes!! But real reason was to make it up to me for valentines night and yesterdays night.  Hmm! Its so awkward now. I know now its obvious that he likes me but then why doesnt he propose me officially. Everytime he makes some or other reason. Anyways lets wait for next..

“To Be continued”
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