The Diary of an abandoned girl Ep7

I decided to start baking business till i get job. I sold out some of my gold jewellery and bought all the things necessary and also took permission from my warden. She is sweet unlike other strict wardens but its on one condition that customers wont come on the premises. I agreed and she gave me timmings i could use the oven and have to pay for everytime i use it . Okay! Done with my checklist. I opened up a page on facebook and social sites and my fellow women in hostel also used to get orders for me from their offices. My first order came in just after a day and then it all started. I bake and complete orders and then search for job. I had several interviews lined up   . Over here i feel like family. They do so much for that even my family didnt do for me. Within less span of time i made friends who were family now. They used to help me sometimes while baking. When i used to feel low they all were there to cheer me up. We used to go movies and hangout. I had never even dreamt of such a life its that amazing. If i wouldnt have courage to run away from evil then i wouldnt have this beautiful life that anybody could think off. I was independent now. Nobody to answer to. I just care for my mother now. What would be happening there? What would be she thinkin? I hope all the blame isnt put on her. I try to call her and talk to her but everytime i call some or the other person recieves the call. I am going to try once again today lets see if my luck shines and mom picks up the phone. The number is dialling and somebody picked up..”Hello” …Thank God. This time its my mom..i replied ” Hello mom, its me…..”

To be continued
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