Delightful sin #DIY Simple Strawberry homemade healthy Ice cream

Hello! Its been very long i have posted any recipe. So here’s one very simple and tasty recipe which you will definately try and love. A Valentines is coming you can impress your partner too by making it for him/her. Strawberry is fruit with many nutrients and is also considered as love sign. So we will use that ingredient and make a delightful recipe which will be healthy too as we dont use GMC which is used to make ice cream.


  • Fresh strawberries – 1cup
  • fresh cream – half a cup
  • milk – 1 cup
  • milk powder – half cup
  • sugar or honey according to sweetness taste ( recommended 6 tbsp sugar / 1/4 cup honey)


  • Blend strawberries in a blender and make puree.
  • Then add all other ingredients one by one as in the list.
  • Mix everything well and blend it again.
  • Take a plastic air tight container and pour half mixture in it and add few small strawberry pieces and pour rest of the mixture and cover the lid and put in refrigerator to set
  • After one hour or when you see ice crystals forming take out the box and again give it a quick blend and keep again to set.

Tasty and yummy ice cream is ready. I scream, You scream , We all scream for Ice cream. ENjoy…

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