Life should have little Romance #Ep7

It was a sunny day. I was wearing a summer dress and i decided to go college wearing that. I didn’t know the after consequences. I was running late but i reached just before the bell and the professor was already there arranging papers. Yes! today we had a surprise class test. Oh no! i was among those who used to be always prepared for the test but today i am not. God please save me. And god heard my prayers. Test was for those who less grades in last test and for me and other five of them had to help the professor with the drama script. He was along with me cause even he had scored well in last test. Professor read out the script he had written and asked me and him to complete it further. He started with the lines and i replied and we made up the script as we were planning our lives together. It was that simple with him. Professor loved the script and gave an extra credit to us. He then announced that we both will be the lead and rest will be auditioned for further roles. I was very glad that this time my partner would be him. I was in my thoughts and he sat besides me and took my hand in his and complimented me for my new look and asked me out for coffee later. I was in my thoughts and didn’t hear him and then he jerked me and i was looking him like an fool. He then repeated and i said yes! I got little late as professor was discussing about script and he was waiting for me by his car. He then opened door for me and drove away from the town. I gave him a questioning look but he had told me to ask nothing until we reach. He was so calm and he had worn classic white t-shirt and faded blue jeans. It was beautiful weather, sun was going down and we could see some stars and we were climbing some hill. I had no idea where was he taking me. But then at a little distance i could see some lights. And he stopped the car and parked and blind folded me……………

—–To be continued——–

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