Freedom ONLY for men..and Women in Cage….

Today i watched the BBC documentary of Nirbhaya rape case. I know i am late  but after watching the documentary i felt like as if its a crime to be a girl. Its shameful that even today such shallow people leave who after committing crime don’t even feel guilty and are proud of their act. They say “Just to teach that girl a lesson we raped her”. And moreover their lawyers are like them only and defending saying its girls fault that why was she out with her boyfriend a night. Even such educate people are saying these things. i think there degree should be cancelled for such behavior. Also they say by educating people they will reduce rape cases. How is that possible because some educated fools are only defending those criminals so that doesn’t seem the right way. The girl was the fighter who fought till her last breathe to survive but unfortunately she could not. Her life story itself is so inspiring of her passion to become a doctor and save lives and help poor people. It was not a crime to go for a movie with a guy and moreover it wasn’t even that late at night. They had pointed one finger towards her that why was she out so late but other four fingers of the hand were pointing towards them only. They were so evil that had hit her and made her body so bad that even doctors were confused as internally all her organs were ruptured. Its very painful even to read or hear all these things and my heart sinks by mere taught of what that girl would have gone through at that time.

In India thee are many rape cases and according to stats one girl is raped in every 20 mins. And in the end the Police commissioner said Delhi is safe state like another capital states of the world but still there are many rape cases which have happened. Its been three years after the incident and still there’s a question mark on girls safety. Now even little girl child are not safe as there are news coming of a 4year old girl rape case. Whats happening to men in this country ?? Have they lost their mental balance or they are inhuman and devil do such kind of act.

India is the country where you have freedom but i think that its just for Men to continue rape….No freedom for girls and no safety for them…

Its not only just in India but even in other parts of the world both developed and undeveloped have rape cases. But the way every country deal with that is different. There should be some common rules and laws and punishments for the criminals. Also major steps should be taken for women safety.

Do not take this thing for granted, Next can be your sister, wife or child. Do something about it….And its an urge and sincere request if you see anything wrong happening with a girl or if anything is fishy also then too help them ..Its not their mistake that they deserve to go through such trauma..

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