Life should have a Little Romance Ep-8

I am sorry for the delay of the episodes..hope you like this too like other episodes..

He had blind folded me and he took me in his arms and carried me from the car. He was walking and i dont know what was going on. Inside i knew something special is going to happen. And suddenly he unfolded and i opened my eyes. We were on top of a mountain from stars and moon were soo near that you feel you can touch them. And when i turned around there was table set and everything decorated with flowers and baloons. He then took a moment and went on his knees and said “its been ages now that we know each other, there came many girls in my life but you were the one who was always there and i was one fool who didnt know how much i also loved you. I didnt know how you felt about me but still i am taking this chance and asking you to be with me forever and spend rest of your life with me. Will you marry me?” After hearing this i got a shock and was standing as if it was a dream. But then i pinched him to check if it was really happening. He screamed at me and was silently waiting for my reply. I wanted to tease him more and wanted him to chase me more. So i replied i will  need more days to think. He smiled as if he knew what i was thinking…then we ate dinner and were driving back…and he suddenly stopped the car …i had fallen asleep and he woke me up..but i was drunk..i couldnt stand he took me up in his arms and took me inside..i didnt know where we were and next thing i know was next morning i woke me with a nightmare…..

—to be continued—-