Still… teen in U !!! Ep1

It was sunday morning and i had just finished all shifting house and setting up the furniture. I was very tired to cook so i decided to order but i wanted to explore the place so i then decided to go out and eat. I didnt know people here so i was alone. So i didnt do much work on myself and just worn a simple blue jeans and white tshirt. I was walking on the streets deciding what to eat as i was alone it was all about my choice so i decided to eat street food. Later i walked little bit more looked around for grocery shops and bought some groceries and was walking back. On the way i saw a guy in his SUV and he also glanced at me. And then as signal turned green he went off. I as normal came home walking and was waiting for the elevator. As i entered the elevator he came in behind and pressed   21st floor. He didnt notice me first cause i was standing behind and he was typing something on phone. But as he noticed me he kept it in his back pocket and was standing there silently. I felt good atleast he had decent manners of not being on phone and showing it off. He was looking at me in elevator and i didnt that much saw him. I had my own attitude..Thats right!!! As my floor came i stepped out and took a deep wasnt that long but somthing was burning hot in there..the doors had not closed yet and he saw me and gave a sly smile and the doors closed…..

–to be continued—
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