Still…teen in U!! Ep2

I am 24 and completed my post graduation and currently working with an MNC firm on a good position. Because of my job i had to shift in new appartment. It was my first day at work and i had almost forgotten about what yesterday happened. I was very excited, anxious and nervous about this job. So all my focus was on that. I woke up early so that on my first day i reach little early and impress my office. I went for jog and got ready for my first day. Eveything was set from my clothes to shoes and bag. All formal. I choose a black pencil skirt and light shaded plaim pink shirt to go with it and my favourite black high heels with my black office purse. I was all set and took my sandwich in hand thinking that i will eat it on my way as i didnt want to get late. I was waiting for the elevator as it opened i saw him, I enterred and ignoring all thoughts about him i was concentrating on planning about my day but still i coudnt help but notice that he had kept his phone and was watching me. I was in my mind not thinking anything except work. He gave me a smile and but i just walked out off the elevator and took a cab….

–to be continued–
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