Delightfull sin – Vegan Mango Panns cotta

Panacotta is an italian dessert. It normally uses gelatin for it to set. But as this is vegan recipe we use its substituteAgar Agar

1cup full cream
Half cup milk
2tbsp agar agar powder
1/4 cup water
Half cup sugar
For flavour – Vanilla extract or strawberry puree or mango puree according your liking.
You can use dry fruits like Anjeer too.

1. Take a sauce pan add water and. Agar agar and dissolve all of the agar agar and keep it aside.
2. Then take another pan and boil cream and milk and sugar.
3. Then add to it mango puree and stir for a min.
4. Add agar agar mixture to it.
5. Then put in the mould to set in fridge.
You can then demould and serve with fresh fruits.


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