Different Attitude About Mumbai Metro

Mumbai metro is a must experience for all. Its not anything diferrent than other metros. Its more like metro of hongkong. But what makes it different is the crowd, “the Mumbaikars”. Everyday you travel and in that 20mins you will get 20new life stories to hear. Different religion, caste, class everything kept apart and they share their stories. So many lessons to be learnt. How life is to be lived. Age is no bar here. In fact you learn here more cause because of that. More importantly its not important to speak to everyone to know their story, people itself talk so loudly that just listening their conversations you will know. I know people here talk loudly but that’s the fun part. You can also join in if you want and give your inputs but be carefulĀ  by chance they get offended. Now what makes Mumbai trains different from Metro is here there’s no class bar i.e. first class and economy, here everyone has to enter same coach. That makes it more interesting. Above all am impressed with the frequency of the metros. Also other infrastructure is too good. Its the sign of well developing Nation. I am so proud to be a Mumbaikar sometimes. Since childhood till now I should tell Our Country and City both have developed so much. That turn from Developing to Developed Nation is soon going to become possible.

If even you have any experience to share about travelling in Metro are Welcomed.

Thank You.


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