Still..teen in You ep3

Sorry for the delay of this episode!! I hope you like it!

It was my first day at work to new office. It wasnt like i am new trainee but still it was new office for me. I started off well, met my new team and everything went as i had thaught. It was late afternoon, i was very hungry as i missed lunch cause of work. I decided to wrap up my work soon and go out with my new team for dinner. They choose the place and we were all so informal and within no time they all had became my friends. I was feeling very good as like i wanted to patt my own back. For first day this wasnt bad at all. We were in middle of conversation and i suddenly stopped speaking and was starring the gang who had just enterred, amongst them was him, that lift guy. Anyways i went back to my conversation as i wasnt interested and then came another gang , bunch of girls. Our guys invited them to sit with us but they were downed and instead they sat with those guys. I was just starring that guy as if what he was doing, not that i cared anything but still. Ring!! ring!! ring!! And my phone was mom. I went out to talk to her and as i finished my call he was standing behind me. I said “hi”. And he was grinning at me. I dont know why. Later he asked if i wanted ride back to home. I said okay. And he left. Weird. Total weirdo. I went back with my friends and then made a plan of nightout at friends house so we all left. Next day morning i had real bad headache cause we didnt sleep all night but today was important day at work so i pushed myself and got ready. I was running late and waiting for cab but they were not stopping. I started to walk a bit than came a car. And it was him!! He asked me to hop in, i had no choice so i did. He was in black suit and wearing glasses i could not stop myself i said out loud, “men in black”..he glanced at me and than started laughing. I told him my office address and he said its on his way and he will drop. I thanked him. Later after few mins he asked where did i vanish away he was searching for me and then waiter told u went away with your friends. I apologised to him for going away without informing as i didnt remember i had drive back. Then i told him about after party at friends place. He seemed cool and said thats no problem. We then formally introduced ourselves , about our work etc etc.. and my office was here. I offered for coffee as i wanted to make it up for yesterday and invited over to my place….

Stay tuned for next episode
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