Chocolate+Me …..

Chocolate is something which we are eating since we are born until death. Its the constant thing that we eat in our entire life. There are so many benefits of chocolate is eaten dark one which is without milk compounds. Now chocolate is mixed in everywhere like chocolate pizza, sandwich, roll, cakes , cupcakes etc. Everything now can be combined with chocolate and can be given a twist. Its an part of us which cannot be separated. Now we have many sculpting choclateirs who give it a design and shape. People have different favorites like m&ms , ferrero rocher, milka, hersheys and many many more. Because of globalization now different brands of chocolates are available every where now. How can i forget to mention Lindt the most favorite chocolate loved by everyone. I don’t think anybody can resist it.
Chocolate is so much attached to us that when we are happy or sad in both times we need chocolate. Its not cause its sweet or it has benefits but because its soothing. Chocolate as such do not cure anything but helps you feel better as it soothes you and your heart. We speak so much about pets who are our best friends but even chocolate is our best and loyal friend.
Just take a moment a think is there any moment of your life in which chocolate was part of it…if yes then do share your experiences..

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