Find Little Child In Your Heart!!

Some of them would understand what i am saying and some will face these situations later in life. There’s this cycle of life, from child to teenage to adult to old age. All phases of life is important. Every stage has its own innocence and uniqueness. When you are young you will feel you want to be adult and enjoy that phase. Whereas who are adults want to go back to that nascent stage where there is no responsibility and freedom of everything. I am writing this article so that you all can understand how important it is for anybody to enjoy all these phases of life. Just be in that moment and enjoy and act your age. There are many situations where many of them has not enjoyed their teenage hood and have become mature enough to take all responsibilities from early stage. Either cause of family problems or cause of financial problems, everybody’s problems can be different but in all that people become very mature that they forget that they were teenage and act more than their age. Listen you all such people take a deep breathe, world is not coming to an end, just breathe in and out. Sometimes you can also act your age. You have become matured enough but do not forget that child and teen in yourself. Whatever you do that should make yourself happy. Your soul should be peaceful. I know all these things you must be thinking i am talking rubbish and just giving a speech but listen its not a speech its a genuine advise. Think with your brain but act what your heart says and whatever your age be always be a child from heart. Also do not become selfish to enjoy yourself but think of all and do what suits in that situation.
Sometimes its good to just let it be what things are or just let it go!! Dont let child in you die at any point of time. Take time out and just be the way you want to be.

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