Still…Teen in U! Ep#4

I am very Sorry to all out there waiting for the episode. I promise i wont delay henceforth. Hope you like.

I had invited him over for coffee but i was running late cause i had lots of work so i had to cancel the plan. I apologised to him and to make up made plan for dinner at my home. But i dont think my work will let me have some social life. I had to cancel that plan too. I had busy schedules full week. I used to come late and run back early and also few nights i had spent in office. I loved my job and these busy schedules and i liked it that way. Then after a long week came my favourite weekend. I wanted to spend it all for myself by pampering myself and relaxing and watching movie and most of all sleeping. It was Saturday morning and no alarm to snooze off and i had my beauty sleep. I made some lunch for myself and was watching movie and somebody rang my doorbell. And there he was (i had obviously forgotten him in this whole weekend). He was the unwanted guest, which i dont like during my time with myself. But i smiled and welcomed him. I made coffee for him and he roamed around my house and noticing all the decor of my house. He complimented me for my choice as we sat on couch. After a moment of silence i asked him what made him come to my house. I know it was rude but i am straight forward and he was unwanted and wanted to sheww him off. Then he said he came to invite for houseparty at his place. At first i was new here didnt know anybody so didnt want to go and also i was tired and wanted space for myself so i told that i might not be able to make it as i have some work from home. I think he sensed about my lie and then didnt tell me anything more and just left. Then i spent my whole day cleaning up my apartment and thaught of going grocery shopping. And again it was him there at the store shopping for the party. I was about to say hello but he just walked away ignoring me. Did i do something wrong? No. Then why did he just walked away. Then recollecting the afternoons episode i felt little guilty of being soo rude to him and decided to go for the party for little time. I did my shopping and went home. I checked what to wear and i choose a simple blue ripped jeans and white top to go with it. I did my hair, applied gloss and wore my favourite heels and went off to his place. I rang the door bell and some blondie opened the door…

Hope you like this episode Stay tuned for more Like, follow & share Thank you Kj

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